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Summer Solstice Event - 108 Sun Salutations

Want a chance to join in on a challenging and exhilarating marathon? We will be flowing through 108 Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar A) on June 16th 7AM at Four Winds Farms in Quincy IL.

Why at 7AM you ask? We want to catch the sun when it’s fresh...just risen over the eastern horizon. The sun represents the physical and spiritual heart of the world. We salute the sun to give thanks for a new day filled with life-giving light and sustenance.

Why 108 sun salutations? The number 108 is sacred in the yoga world and the sun salutations serve as meditation in movement, reducing depression, anxiety and stress while building mental focus, concentration and deep breathing. The sequence awakens the energy of the inner sun that lays dormant in our navel center. It warms the body and cultivates your inner fire.

You'll also receive a yoga mat stamped with a graphic to remember the 108 sun salutations marathon that you accomplished! :)

Afterwards you can partake in coffee and delicious pastries, browse Terripin Farms plant & produce stand and Four Winds Farms flower remedies. 

Let's bring the Summer Solstice in right!

Secure your spot & your mat by registering today! 
Cost for event is $40

Event held at Four Winds Farm 3729 N 36th Street Quincy IL

Cannot guarantee mat if registration after June 10.

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