Meet Abby Harris

Please help us welcome Abby Harris to The Bodhi Tree Family!

Abby will be teaching Mat Pilates starting in February. 
Here is a little bit about Abby. ❤️🙏😊

Abby is a certified Classical Pilates Instructor with over 1,000 hours in teacher training including all levels of mat pilates including the full classical pilates equipment apparatus. She received her certification through the Classical Pilates Education in Nashville, TN. After suffering a severe head injury, Pilates became her saving grace by going back to the basics and relearning her body. 
Her passion is to help anyone who wants to learn more about the mind, body, and spirit through the pilates method and just feel better in general. 
Abby is a full time magazine designer but also meets with clients in her private office. She hopes to bring Classical Pilates back to Quincy so that it may be the saving grace like it was for her.

Class description: 
Mat Pilates is for all levels, beginner to advanced. This class takes place on the floor with a yoga mat. Pilates focuses on the mind-body connection by engaging and challenging the core and the mind. Breathing, stretching, core work and relaxation will be the main focus. All ages and levels welcome.


Meet Jamie Parrott

Jamie Parrott turned to yoga and meditation in 2015 as a way to cope with anxiety and stress.   Jamie’s practice has evolved and become a way of life thanks to mentor, Emely Rose. So much so, that Jamie became a yoga teacher herself by completing her RYT 200 certification through Yoga Alliance.  Her practices include Hatha, Vinyasa & Restorative yoga and meditation. As a Reiki level 2, Jamie is our resident Reiki practitioner at The Bodhi Tree Studio. Her one-on-one Reiki sessions offer clients stress reduction, relaxation,  and also promote healing.Teaching and ministering to others is familiar to Jamie as she was classroom teacher at a local grade school for 13 years before turning her love for Yoga, Meditation and Reiki into her full time job.

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Meet Lindsay

Lindsay is a certified yoga instructor who began her yoga journey in 2013. She received her certification at Yoga Blend located in Burbank, .CA. Lindsay has a personal passion for Hatha and Anusara yoga. Yoga has touched her life in many ways and she aims to do the same for her yogis. She believes that yoga is a vehicle to help find your true self and to create self awareness, which in turn cultivates healthier individuals, mentally, physically, and emotionally.
Check out the classes below that Lindsay will be teaching! :

Hatha Yoga: (Mixed Level) Hatha includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises) which help bring peace to the mind and body.
Vinyasa Power Yoga: (Seasoned beginner to Intermediate) Vinyasa Power Yoga is an intense workout that will make you sweat! It is a powerful style of yoga that links movement and breath together moving through a fast and fluid motion.

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Meet Brenna

Brenna is a certified PiYO Live instructor, and has been teaching various fitness classes for three years. PiYO classes are fun, full of energy, and an all-around great workout.
Brenna is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and graduated from the University of Missouri in 2014. She is passionate about health, wellness, and making fitness fun! She enjoys staying active by walking her dog, biking, lifting weights, and taking various group fitness classes.

What is PiYO Live?
PiYO Live is a low-impact workout for those who want to sweat! No jumping or bouncing, PiYO features continuous movement for a cardio based workout as you flow from one movement to the next. PiYO exercises are inspired by traditional movements of Pilates and Yoga, but with a twist. These sequences will improve your strength, stamina, stability, and flexibility.
Come check out a PiYO class!


Meet Brittney

Our Pound instructor!! 
Brittney began attending fitness classes in 2009. Zumba quickly became her first love for group fitness with mentors, Angie Ware and Maria Bichsel.
In January 2017, Brittney became a certified fitness instructor for cycling and Zumba at the Kroc Center. Brittney recently has became a certified POUND instructor as well!
Brittney is an energetic instructor and loves working with people. She has 12 years experience in retail and working with the public and is also a salon owner.
In 2004, Brittney attended Carl Sandburg College and became a licensed cosmetologist. Brittney is a former volleyball, basketball, and track athlete with a wide range of several other
talents. Her classes are fun and challenging with lots of energy all while burning 600-900 calories in one class sitting.
Brittney is looking forward to growing her abilities and experience as a fitness instructor and helping others achieve their fitness goals as well.


Meet Joe

I'm just your average Joe. In my pass-time I enjoy riding my bike any where and everywhere. I love being outside; moving my body is my greatest passion. I currently work at Good Samaritan home where most of my Friday's I teach a chair chi class to several residents. I enjoy motivating them to focus on the movements and try their best. My main title at Good Samaritan is an activity aide. From my experience, I have a greater appreciation for the connection of the mind and body.

Chair chi is an excellent example of the unison between our body and mind. I hope to bring to this class that fitness is not a marathon, but a journey. Chair chi encourages the participants to focus on the movements of the body and the thoughts and dedication that goes along with it.